Benefits of Physical Therapy After Surgery

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May 20

Benefits of physical therapy after surgery

Although you may think physical therapy is optional after surgery, physical therapy is actually a vital step in your recovery and healing process. Patients who seek physical therapy after operations have been known to recover at a higher rate than those who do not take part in therapy.

Physical therapy also helps to promote the healing process, allows faster recovery and also encourages the patient to be involved and an active part of their rehabilitation. Physical therapy after surgery is critical to the recovery of each and every patient and offers many benefits.

There are many benefits of physical therapy after surgery. It can help you:

  • Restore range of motion
  • Protect healing ligaments
  • Stabilize surrounding and specifically affected muscles
  • Slowly return to normal movement

Physical therapy allows the patient to heal properly after the surgery. When a patient goes through an arthroscopy on the shoulder or on the knee, for example, physical therapy helps in minimizing the scar tissue and also in retention of muscular structure after a major surgery has been performed. The rate of recovery is maximized when physical therapy is administered to the patient immediately after recovery from anesthesia.

Surgery on the knee or the lower extremities may significantly affect the patient’s mobility as well as other activities such as gardening, walking or riding a bike, among others. Physical therapy will help you regain mobility after surgery and help you return to the activities that you loved so much. Your physical therapist will consider your pre- and post surgery activities and formulate an appropriate plan for the therapy process. Furthermore, therapists allow the patient to get involved in their recovery which promotes their healing experience in comparison to those that do not seek physical therapy.

Patients that closely work with their therapists are taught how to dramatically recover as well as live healthy lives not only after the surgery but also for the rest of their lives. Memory, language, movement and most of the brain function are also considerably improved through physical therapy.

Physical therapy after surgery is highly recommended. Every surgical situation has a specified mode of therapy and your therapist will guide you on the most appropriate therapy to be administered. Contact Above and Beyond Physical Therapy today and let one of our experienced physical therapists help you get your life, mobility and range of motion back after surgery.


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