5 Summertime Health Tips For Desert Living

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May 04

Five Summertime Health Tips For Desert Living

With summer nearing, there is always the risk of overdoing it and getting yourself in trouble out in the sun. Here are five summertime health tips for desert living so that you can get the most out of your summer.

Five Summertime Health Tips For Desert Living

Hydrate yourself

As the body deals with the heat, it needs more water than usual to continue to produce sweat and regulate itself. Without a steady flow of water, the body can’t do this and dehydration could then lead to other, much more serious problems. Drink water, but not anything alcoholic, hot, or sugary, as that could make the problem worse.

Keep cool

The heat will be more dangerous than anything else most people face during the year. On the hottest of days, keeping out of it can be one of the easiest things you can do to preserve your health. Stay out of direct sunlight, go to a space with fan or air conditioning, and if at all possible, avoid going out around noon, the hottest part of the day.

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Take things easily

Summer can be a great time for sports and fun, but when the mercury rises, it might be best to take things easy. Strenuous activity puts extra stress on the body, which would already be hard at work keeping your organs cool. Take a break, just sit and enjoy the day, especially if you have breathing issues like asthma, as the height of summer is typically also when air quality is at its worst.

Be ready

Planning is important for all things, but especially when the heat comes in heavy. Check the weather reports for air quality and temperature, plan your day around what you know you are able to do and try to keep a water bottle, especially one of the refillable bottles, on you at all times. Find routes to get to where you need to be that exposes you to the heat as little as possible.

Think about others as well

Once you have gotten yourself situated, think about those most vulnerable among us, the disabled, ill, elderly, and your pets. Make sure those who have difficulty fending for themselves are safe as well. Check in on your neighbors, and make sure the summer is fun for everyone.

At Above & Beyond Physical Therapy, we take a holistic approach to your health.

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