Knee Pain Part 2: The Don’ts of Knee Pain

Knee Pain Part 2: The Don’ts of Knee Pain hover background

Dec 02

While we explored the things you should do if you have knee pain, in Knee Pain Part 1: The Dos of Knee Pain, here we will take a look at the don’ts of knee pain if you are experiencing it. Knowing what to do and what not to do will help you manage this condition.

The Don’ts of Knee Pain

Here is where to start:

Don’t Overdo It

While it is important to stay healthy and active whenever you are experiencing a physical difficulty, in order to reduce further health problems, finding the right ways to do so are important. When it comes to a knee injury, you will want to avoid high-impact activities that put additional stress on your joints. Exercises that would fall into this category include running, jumping, lunges, deep squats and the like.

Don’t Ignore The Pain

Ignoring pain doesn’t make it go away, and depending on the cause can sometimes make it worse. Would you be relieved to meet with a physical therapist and find out that there are simple things that you can do by working together, or you can do yourself at home to help your pain go away? While this is not always the case, many times it is, and your physical therapist can help identify the cause of the pain and create an individualized treatment program to help relieve it.

Don’t Risk Further Injury

Knees are very important joints in our body as they help us get around and stay mobile. However, when the integrity of a knee is compromised, it can cause walking to become unstable and put you at risk for further injury, such as falling. Use supportive devices, if necessary to help you walk and avoid risking a further injury or a fall

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

A physical therapist is one of the foremost experts in the healthcare field when it comes to your musculoskeletal system and how your body moves. There is no one better to help you with your knee pain than a physical therapist, for many of the common causes of knee pain. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially from a physical therapist. It’s what we are here for!

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Now that you know more about the don’ts of knee pain… 

…and you are ready to ask for help, call us today. A physical therapist can help you implement the dos and don’ts of knee pain, help prevent it from getting worse, and in many cases, prevent or delay the need for surgery.

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