Fall Health Trends You’ll See In 2017

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Aug 03

Fall Health Trends You’ll See In 2017

From Fitbits to athleisure, fall health trends run the gamut from mainstream to eclectic. Health and fitness trends and fads always come and go. Some stick around for awhile, while others are a passing craze. Some appeal to the young and old alike, while others target a specific crowd.

There will always be things that are “in” and healthy, right? Healthful eating, hydrating, exercising regularly, getting a restful night’s sleep — those are all things that will always be in. Why? Because they’re good for you!

But, this fall 2017, there are several health trends that are gaining popularity. Here are 4 health trends you’ll see picking up steam this fall.

Boutique Fitness

Who ever said that the place you work out had to have that stale gym feel to it? Intro boutique fitness. Boutique fitness studios are cozier settings with simple or unique offerings. Boutique fitness studios have been around for years, but are gaining popularity as they open up in more places all around the country.

In and around the Phoenix metropolitan area, you’ll find examples of boutique fitness studios such as Orangetheory or Pure Barre. Both fitness studios pride themselves in the experience offered to patrons. Boutique fitness studios tend to focus on one or two specialty offerings in group settings.

Inflammation Reducing Foods

Another fall health trend that you’ll see picking up steam in 2017 is a focus on inflammation fighting or inflammation reducing foods. Why is that significant? Chronic inflammation in our bodies can be caused by the foods we eat or the lifestyles we live and can lead to long term illness and disease.

Adding inflammation reducing foods to your diet can help fight illness and disease, such as: rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, ankylosing spondylitis, gout, scleroderma and Sjogren’s Syndrome. Some inflammatory conditions can cause our bodies to attack otherwise healthy tissue leading to chronic pain and other complications.

Topping the list of inflammation fighting foods is turmeric, as well as ginger tea. Shoppers are trading in inflammation causing ingredients and foods such as gluten, grains and dairy for inflammation fighting foods.

Enjoying The Great Outdoors

Among the health trends you’ll see in the fall of 2017, is enjoying the great outdoors. Certainly not a novel idea, enjoying the great outdoors can round out, enhance or entirely replace your gym workout. Hiking, kayaking, camping and rock climbing are all great ways to burn calories, enjoy the great outdoors — and as a bonus, take in a gorgeous view.

Wellness Retreats

Instead of using your vacation as an excuse to splurge and eat whatever you want, you might want to consider a wellness retreat. Wellness retreats attract vacationers that are looking for a way to maintain their healthy lifestyle while getting away from it all. You might see things like yoga, clean eating, massage or customized workouts should you decide to embrace the idea of going on a wellness retreat. It is also a place to connect with likeminded people and find yourself.

If you are looking for more ways to incorporate healthful living into your lifestyle, alongside physical therapy, our team of experts at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy in Phoenix and Queen Creek are on your side. Contact us today.


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