3 Stretches For Golfer’s Elbow

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Jul 11

Stretches For Golfer’s Elbow

In and around Phoenix, it is a great time of year to take advantage of summer golf course specials around the city. That is, at least, if you get up early and go before it heats up outside. While summer is in full swing — and while you are perfecting yours — what is a golfer to do if pain in your elbow sets in, preventing you from enjoying your favorite activity?

You will be happy to know that you have more options than just surgery or shots, including physical therapy, stretches and exercises to help manage the pain and prevent it from getting worse.

What is golfer’s elbow?

Any repetitive motion can cause pain and injury to your body. Repetitive wrist motion or repetitively clenching your fingers around the golf club are two causes of golfer’s elbow. Golfer’s elbow is a painful condition in the tendons that connect your forearm to the inside of your elbow.

Although it is called golfer’s elbow, it is not just golfers that can end up with this type of pain or condition. If you suspect you may have golfer’s elbow, here are some symptoms to look for:

  • Tingling that radiates to your ring or pinky fingers
  • Numbness in and around your elbow
  • Stiffness in your elbow
  • Weakness in hand or wrist

Here are 3 stretches for golfer’s elbow to keep you on the course:

Finger and hand stretch

This exercise is easy enough to do and can be done anywhere. To do:

  • Extend your arm straight out in front of your body, shoulder height and level with the ground
  • From the wrist, bend the hand up so that your fingers point towards the sky
  • Grab those fingers with the opposite hand to offer support as you stretch them gently back toward you
  • Hold 20-30 seconds
  • Repeat 5 times

You can also repeat this stretch on the opposite hand if desired. Do this stretch three times per day.

Forearm pronation and supination

Sitting or standing, bend your elbow 90 degrees, keeping your elbow at your side. Then:

  • Hold the palm of your hand facing up for 5 seconds
  • Rotate your wrist to turn the palm of your hand facing down; hold for 5 seconds
  • Repeat 15 times
  • Do 2 sets

Wrist flexor stretch

Complete this exercise sitting in an armchair, arms on the armrests, bent at a 90 degree angle with forearms level to the ground. You may use a prop such as a small dumbbell if so desired.

  • Turn palm up
  • Make a fist
  • Curl the wrist up and down
  • Repeat 10 times

As with any repetitive or overuse injury, sometimes the best way to heal is to take a break. If you are exhibiting symptoms of golfer’s elbow, schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists to stay on top of managing your symptoms and prevent them from getting worse and keeping you off of the golf course entirely. Before your symptoms of golfer’s elbow get worse, contact us for an evaluation to see if physical therapy might be right for you.


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