Health and Wellness Trends For 2019

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Jan 01

Have you been watching the health and wellness trends for 2019? Have you heard about what is up-and-coming in the world of faux meats? Do you know about the latest developments in the field of brain health?

From those hot topics to improvements you can make to your health with simple changes at home, here is a rundown of three of the top health and wellness trends for 2019 that we will be watching.

Health and Wellness Trends For 2019

Plant Based Meats, Faux Meats & Eco-Foods

Faux meats fall into the category of eco-conscious foods. More information is coming to light showing that greenhouse gases generated by the livestock industry is the same as is generated by global transport. Not only does this impact our planet, it also impacts our health.

Meat substitute products have been around for a while. We have seen plant based dairy before. While the idea of meat substitute products is nothing new, what is new is some of the products that are coming to market. Plant based fish products are coming to market and popping up in chains like Whole Foods. This is one trend to keep an eye on in 2019.

Brain Health Becomes A Focus

In 2019, expect more focus and emphasis on the importance of brain health. This comes in the footsteps of more information coming to light about the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease. The disease is projected to be the fastest growing epidemic in our lifetime. So what can we do?

Our brain health is affected by everything from the food we eat, to pollution, technology, and sleep patterns. Namely, nutrition has a huge impact on brain health. What we eat is either hurting or helping our brains, just as much as it hurts or helps the rest of our body. So does technology. The cycles found in the increasing consumption of technology can negatively impact our brain health.

Experts recommend to improve our brain health, we must first start with proper diet and nutrition. Also, take our focus off of our phones and screens, stepping away from technology, reconnecting with family, friends and nature. Watch as more information comes to light as brain health becomes a focus for health and wellness in 2019.

Home Fitness Reimagined

When it comes to home fitness trends, we are talking about live streaming, smart machines and even furniture that doubles as workout equipment. Connecting to classes from the comfort of your own home with the right equipment offered by Peloton. Getting that boutique level feeling without leaving your house. Hook yourself up and the equipment also monitors your vitals, making suggestions for which classes to join.

Or, if your space is limited, you can opt for furniture that conveniently doubles as workout equipment. Now isn’t that clever?

Now that you know more about health and wellness trends for 2019…

…it may inspire you to get a jump start on your health in the new year. The physical therapists at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy take an innovative and holistic approach to your health. To enlist a member of our team to support you in your health and wellness goals in the new year,  contact us today.


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